Healthcare professional? Take a look at our dedicated training site!
Healthcare professional? Take a look at our dedicated training site!

A playlist of personal music can
help people living with dementia

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Featured playlist:
Scotland – traditional

My mum had dementia. The only time she came alive was when I played the piano and sang her Burns and other Scottish songs. Ae Fond Kiss and Red Red Rose were her favourites. Mum was a trained alto and sang beautifully. Playing for her during her illness was tough but I’ll always treasure that time together.

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Janette Galbraith

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Overall winner

GSK Impact Awards 2020

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[Playlist for Life] has taken a simple concept and used it to deliver profound results, providing a way to connect to the past and help families living with dementia. Its evidence-based approach is highly impressive, with trials in hospitals and care homes showing that people with dementia need less medication when Playlist for Life is included in their care.

Katie Pinnock

Director of UK and Ireland Charitable Partnerships at GSK

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