Kitty enjoying her playlist

Playlist for Life is a charity and relies on donations to keep going. As little as £5 can help us make the life of someone with dementia better. 

We raise awareness of the power of personal music and provide tools and training, to help people become Music Detectives and start using music to manage dementia symptoms, strengthen relationships and reduce the need for medication. 

Using Playlist for Life is easy once you know how but sometimes people need a friendly face to help them get started. That's why we are working with local organisations like churches and libraries across the country to establish a network of Community Hubs; friendly places at the heart of the community where people can go for information, Music Detective help or practical assistance with uploading music or using a computer. 

It costs £150 to set up a Hub with materials and trained volunteers. This year we want to establish 150 Hubs and we have a target of raising £22,500 to make these Hubs a reality.

Please donate what you can to help us raise awareness of the power of Playlists and make life better for someone living with dementia.