Keep It G – A$AP Rocky

Very few tunes make you feel this cool. That beat by producer SpaceGhostPurrp is incredible. The way the sax sample floats above the drums and the rapping gives you some serious emotion.

Lion VIP – Vex’d

Me and my friend from Switzerland play this every time we get to hang out. Nobody else in our group likes it but we keep playing it anyway, and shout along with the vocal samples in the intro. My mate says it sounds like cannibals having a rave.

Mike Vick – Action Bronson

Over this summer, I had to get up very early for a production line job. While working I used to listen to Action Bronson’s album, Rare Chandeliers, in full almost every day, and it excited me every time and relieved the monotony. This track is maybe the best on the album.

Gutted – Burial 

This tune comforted me when I was at my most lonely.

Midnight In A Perfect World – DJ Shadow 

Special memories of going to buy some DJing equipment from the other side of Oslo. This tune came on just as I was exiting the apartment block where the seller lived. It just hit me in a special way, made me feel at peace with the world.