We offer a 2-day course for NHS staff or care home staff who have completed the certified course, training them as a Playlist for Life trainer so they can deliver training to their organisation in-house. This is a cost effective way to embed playlists long-term into your organisation eg to train all new staff as part of induction, keep up to date with the latest developments, roll the use of playlists out across a care home chain or hospital. Homes and NHS wards trained by an in-house trainer can apply for their certified plaque and entry on the Playlist for Life register at a reduced rate.

Who should attend?

NHS staff or care home staff who have completed the certified course

What will I learn?

Training will be tailored to the skills and experience of participants but will be likely to include:

  • Full content of the Playlist for Life certified course
  • Instruction in the practicalities of administering the training including setting up the Trainer as an online-training Administrator
  • A refresher / introduction to different learning styles
  • Training in presentation, listening and facilitation skills
  • Support to develop a practical implementation plan for delivering the training within the trainee’s own setting.
  • Agreeing the schedule of reporting and how Trainees can access ongoing support and advice as required.

Included in the price is a starter pack of training materials (including slides, films and manuals) plus a discount on subsequent materials

Cost: £1200 per Trainer for a 2-day course and starter pack of training materials. 

Find out more: Call Paula on 0141 404 0683 to register.