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Playlist for Life aims to create high-quality, easy to use resources that help people make the best possible use of personal music. Read more

Understanding dementia

Dementia is a word used to describe many diseases and their effects on brain health. Dementia is a life-limiting condition that gets worse over time. Memory loss is the most commonly known fact about dementia, but that is just part of the story. Read more

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Let's get music to everyone by the end of 2020!

Music for Dementia 2020 is an independent umbrella campaign bringing together all those who want to see music reach everyone with dementia by the end of 2020. The Ambassador for the campaign is musician and BBC DJ, Lauren Laverne. Read more here to learn how Playlist for Life is contributing to the campaign. Read more

Everyone should have a playlist

Playlist for Life is the UK's leading music and dementia charity. We want everyone with dementia to have a unique, personal playlist with the soundtrack of their life because the music that gives you that flashback feeling can be a lifeline if you get dementia. Watch our film to find out more. Read more

The Help Point Network is growing - join us!

Playlist for Life are setting up a network of Help Points across the UK. The purpose of the Help Points is to share how a playlist of personally meaningful music can help improve daily life for people with dementia. Read more


Volunteer, and become part of the movement that is changing lives through the power of playlists.  850,000 people are living now with dementia in the UK but do not know that something as simple as a personal playlist could make life easier and happier.  If you think you would like to join the team, then please complete the Volunteer Form and we will get back to you. We would love to hear from you! Read more

The 100 Years Book

Published by Playlist for Life and based on the work of volunteer Music Detective, Peter Grech, it is a book listing the top 100 tunes in the UK for each of the last 100 years. Read more

Training for professionals and volunteers

We have spent five years working with users to develop training that is as useful, interactive and fun as possible. We have packages for health and care professionals, care homes and hospitals, volunteers and community groups. Read more

BBC Music Memories

Built by the BBC Archive with the help of Playlist for Life, BBC Music Memories is a website containing 15 second snippets of thousands of tracks organised by decade, genre and special items like TV and radio themes. A great tool to get started with creating a playlist for yourself or a loved one. Read more

Find help near you

A list of places where you can find help with making your playlist and places where you can find support for living with dementia. Read more

When to listen

Avoid constantly playing music, whether a playlist or just the radio. This will be overstimulating. Try to think of playlisting as a shared activity and don't leave a person alone in their headphones. Half an hour is a good rough guide for how long a session should last. Read our top tips on when to use your playlist here. Read more


You don't need any new equipment to enjoy your playlist. CDs, cassettes, a record player - they are all fine. Some people simply pin the list itself to the wall. On this page you'll find all you need to know about using headphones or speakers, choosing the technology that fits your needs, and a reminder to check the volume of your device and hearing aids Read more

The right music

Tracking down the right tunes by exploring someone's life story means becoming a Music Detective. It's fun! Think of a tune and try it out. Is there a response? If so, add it to the list. If not, move on. There's no rush - you might be adding tunes months or even years after you start. Read more