Playlist for Life is a UK music and dementia charity. We use the music of a person’s life to keep them connected to themselves and their loved ones throughout their dementia journey.

When you listen to music, your brain lights up like a fireworks display. If parts of your brain are damaged, the music can still reach those other parts. The results of that can be astonishing. Music can:

  • Bring back feelings, memories and sometimes even abilities thought lost
  • Reduce the use of heavy drugs and restraints
  • Manage mood and emotions
  • Strength relationships, reconnect families and support new connections

Personal playlists are a cheap, simple and powerful way to harness the power of music to make living with dementia easier and happier.

Your support helps us to provide the information, tools and training people need to build their playlist and listen to it in the most effective way.

  • Tools for individuals and families to use: Our app turns your phone into a playlist creation and listening device. Or download printed materials to get you started at home.
  • Help Points in local communities: Help Points give out tools and information for people who want to use a playlist and offer help from trained volunteers to anyone who gets stuck. Click here if your community organisation would like to host a Help Point
  • Training for health and care professionals: Find out here how to book training on integrating music into care. Or learn more about becoming a Music Detective.

We all have a soundtrack to our lives. We can all do Playlist for Life. See our Playlist for Life In Action page to find out more.

If you like what we do, please consider making a donation to help us continue our work. Your donation, whether regular or one-off, will help us to bring life-changing music to people living with dementia.