Introducing Playlist for Life to an establishment brings benefits to the whole establishment. People with dementia, family members, other residents, carers, and other staff have all reported benefits.   

Reported benefits for residents / patients

  • Improved resident/ carer relationships
  • Reduced need for medication: one GP at a Playlist for Life accredited care home has described Playlist for Life as the intervention to try before medication.
  • Improved social interactions: residents who once stayed in their rooms have engaged in wider activities.
  • Reduced incidence of wandering
  • Reduced distress / agitation
  • Improved continence
  • Improved experience of bathing
  • Improved food intake / experience of mealtimes

Reported benefits for staff:

  • Improved resident-carer relationships
  • Better knowledge of the resident: leading to more patient-centred care
  • Sense of empowerment: the visible results Playlist for Life brings helps staff to feel their care works.
  • Improved staff morale: the benefits staff realise when using Playlist for Life encourages a sense of achievement and pride.

In the film below, Sheila Inshaw, manager of Craigilea Care Home discusses the benefits she saw after introducing Playlist for Life.