Major national Commission for Dementia and Music calls for every person with dementia to have access to a playlist by 2020.


The ILC-UK Commission on Music and Dementia today, Thursday 18th January, publish their report ‘WHAT WOULD LIFE BE – WITHOUT A SONG OR A DANCE, WHAT ARE WE?’ A Report from the Commission on Dementia and Music.


The report looks at the life-enhancing benefits of a range of music-based interventions for people living with dementia and advises among its recommendations that we make the best use of available technology, stating the need for a consensus on the clear potential of digital interventions in this field and a celebration of their unique value, alongside the benefits brought by other forms of music-based interventions.  The report goes on to recommend that “Given the relative affordability of digital interventions, we want all people with dementia to be able to access interventions such as (but not limited to) Playlist for Life by 2020.”


The Commission has brought together experts in the field to try to better understand the potential of music in helping us to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing society. The Dementia 2020 challenge calls on us all to help our country become the best in the world for dementia care, and for dementia research. The Commission aims to provide solutions and recommendations to help answer this call by drawing together information about the provision and value of music-based interventions.


Playlist for Life CEO Sarah Metcalfe, a Commissioner on the report says “This report confirms that music is a powerful but under-used tool for people living with dementia and calls for everyone living with the disease to have access to a unique personal playlist by 2020. A personal playlist is a cheap, simple and powerful way for someone with dementia to harness the power of music to live with the disease. Your playlist for life is all the music that gives you that ‘flashback feeling’ when you hear it. Over the next two years we need to make it general knowledge that something as simple as your playlist for life can make living with dementia easier for those with the condition, their families and carers. Playlist for Life offers information and tools to help families find the right music for a loved one and trains health and care workers in how to schedule listening to improve care.”


For further information download the full report here.