Do you have an unwanted iPod/mp3 player?

Playlist for Life can pass donated mp3 players to people who might otherwise struggle to provide one for their loved one. Your donation could make a huge difference in the life of someone with dementia.

Please seal in an envelope, along with any spare battery charger or cables and either drop them off or send with the correct postage to:

Playlist for Life
Unit 1/14
Govanhill Workspace
69 Dixon Road
G42 8AT

More ideas for donating mp3 players

  • Ask your local school to organise a collection
  • Organise a drive at your church and combine it with a 'Come and See' event about Playlist for Life
  • Have an mp3 player whip-round in the office
  • Ask anyone you know organising a concert or any other gathering to invite people to bring along an mp3 player to donate
  • Host your own event to encourage others to donate mp3 players or related equipment - get in touch with us for posters for your event!