13 Sep 2017

We were delighted to present Nightingale Hammerson in London with a plaque yesterday in recognition of the success of their Playlist for Life Project.

Paula Bain, Playlist For Life’s Training Officer, was joined by Chris Rowlands and staff who celebrated becoming the first Playlist for Life Establishment in England.

The staff at Nightingale Hammerson embarked on this project with gusto and enthusiasm, bringing Chris on board as the Playlist Co-ordinator. It was clearly a team effort that involved not only the staff and residents but local schools and volunteers. 

The benefits of Playlist For Life and personally-meaningful music were well promoted within the care home, with an abundance of information on display. Even the equipment such as headphones displayed the Playlist For Life logo, raising awareness of the power of personally-meaningful music at every opportunity.

Chris and the team have fully embraced the ethos of bringing personally meaningful music within the care home and have structures and plans in place to keep it going.

Well done everyone and keep playing the music!