Your Playlist for Life is all the songs and music that are special to you, brought together in one place. Does yours have the first dance from your wedding? A song your mum used to sing? An ad jingle that brings back nights on the sofa? Your playlist will be as unique as you are.

You may be adding tunes months, or even years, after you started. You can have as many pieces of music as you like. All you need to get started is a notebook and a pen.

1. Ask yourself some questions about the significant points in your life

  • What are the memories you want to keep?
  • What times of your life have been most significant?
  • What are the songs linked to those memories?
  • Is there music that always makes you feel a certain way?

Have a look at our Get Started leaflet or find out more about Music Detective skills.

2. Do some browsing online

You can use a computer or mobile phone to search for different music on sites such as Youtube, Spotify or iTunes. Then you can listen to different versions until you find the right one.

3. Explore musical memories with someone

A playlist-building session with someone else can be a lovely way to spend time, sharing the stories and memories that make each tune special. Sometimes you might agree a song with ‘a message’ about your relationship so you can share the memory again later.

4. Record the story behind each song

Whatever the music, it's the memories that make them special. You might want to download and print out our journal - to help you list all the music and the stories behind it. This can help other people understand the meaning behind all your songs.

5. Organise your playlist

You may find it useful to create mini-playlists from your main playlist for life. You can organise them by mood (how the music makes you feel), memory (what it reminds you of) or activity (what you like to do while listening to it). Some music will appear more than once. Music is a powerful tool and organising it this way can help you make the most of it.

Once you have your playlist you can find the way to listen to it that suits you best. This might be an iPod/mp3 player. It might be CDs. It might even be singing - whatever works for you. 


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