Apply to be a Playlist for Life Help Point

Playlist for Life is setting up a network of Help Points across the UK. The purpose of the Help Points is to share how a playlist of personally meaningful music can help improve daily life for people with dementia. 

The Life Changes Trust has funded Playlist for Life to set up 300 Help Points across Scotland by July 2020. 

Setting up a Help Point is as simple as putting up a sign and displaying our materials. This is called an Information Point and is the most basic form of Help Point.

Many Help Points will want to do more and we call these Helping Hands. In addition to displaying our materials Helping Hands volunteers will attend a free face to face training session that will train them to offer help and advice to individuals. Your volunteer(s) will run a ‘Cuppa Time’ - a drop in service where visitors can have any questions they might have about making a playlist answered, perhaps over a cup of tea. You decide how often to run these, it can be as little as an hour once a month. Ideally you would add this to a service you are already running, for example if you already have a dementia cafe, or a regular event.

All types of Help Points must be open and easily accessible for members of the public to view your display and pick up materials. You can upgrade/ downgrade your Help Point status at any time and some Help Points will want to go on and offer more services, but there will be no pressure from us to do this. 

For every level of Help Point we will require contact details of a lead volunteer. They might be a staff member from your organisation, or one of your own volunteers. They will be our main point of contact and they may choose to recruit additional volunteers to run your Playlist for Life Help Point. Your organisation will be responsible for getting all the necessary checks for your volunteers, such as DBS or PVG. 

If you want to work with us, please complete the answers below and someone will be in touch in due course. 

* Note for Health Care Establishments: Care homes and hospital wards can become Help Points if they can meet the basic criteria. To discuss whether your care organisation is eligible please contact the Playlist for Life team before submitting an application.

Please provide answers to the following questions, giving an estimated number where you don’t know the exact number. PLEASE INSERT NUMBERS ONLY.