Kimberley Tooke’s Playlist

Love Shack – B52s
I used to spend 8 hours in the car with my dad and sister every other weekend and we sang our hearts out on these road trips. This song was one of our favourites, not to mention the perfect number of voices so we each had our own part!

Caledonia – Douglas MacLean
I’m American, but Scotland has been my home for 15 years now. Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of how wonderful Scotland is, and that it has truly become my home. 

Dignity – Deacon Blue
Deacon Blue is my husband’s favourite band. We have so many good memories of Deacon Blue concerts, and singing and dancing to this song at parties. 

Round and Round the Christmas Tree – Bing Crosby
This is my all-time favourite Christmas song. My dad used to change the lyrics to tease my sister and I about how many presents everyone was getting (or not getting). It always a reaction out of us – I have so many happy memories laughing about this song.  

Vogue – Madonna
What 80s child doesn’t love Madonna?! My mom was a huge fan and we had every album. My sister and I would come up with dance routines to all of her top hits; I loved the poses in this one (I even had a poster of Madonna doing a Vogue pose on my bedroom wall!). I can clearly remember the first time I learned all of the words to the ‘rap’ in the middle of the song and how proud my mom was!