Planning to make a donation to Playlist for Life in your will is one way you can ensure more people hear about the life-changing power that personalised music can have for people with dementia.

Every donation, large or small, can help reach more people and their loved ones with what Playlist for Life can do. So many times we have seen that, even for people whose dementia has claimed their ability to talk, personalised music can bring back memories strong enough to let them and their loved ones sing songs together. Your donation could genuinely be the difference between someone hearing their loved one's voice again or not. 

If you would like some advice on how to include Playlist for Life in your will, please visit rememberacharity.org.uk which has lots of helpful articles.

You may also like to make a donation in memory of someone who has passed away. If you do, please be sure to tell us. It is such a privilege to hear about the lives of those whose loved ones have donated in memory of.