Log an adult safeguarding incident

Safeguarding: log an incident

This form is for the use of Playlist for Life staff and volunteers to record any safeguarding concerns they have in relation to any adults the charity works with. 

If you believe that someone is at risk of immediate, serious harm you must first call the police and the local authority safeguarding team in the area where the person you believe may be at risk lives. We have guidance for identifying the correct safeguarding team here: www.playlistforlife.org.uk/safeguarding-contacts/

Then please fill in this form with the details of your concern. When you click submit the charity's volunteer manager and senior team will be immediately notified. The information you submit in this form will be held securely and only revealed to appropriate members of the charity's staff.

Your concerns
Please use this section to record what you observed or heard that led to you suspect an adult person may be at risk of harm, abuse or neglect. 

Please include:
a. the identity of the person concerned
b. the date and time of your interaction with them
c. what you observed or heard
d. the reason you suspect abuse
e. details of any other person you saw or spoke to and what they said
f. the actions you took