Playlist for Life is proud to be part of Music For Dementia 2020, campaigning to make sure music is available to everyone living with dementia by 2020.

  • Dementia is already the leading cause of death in the UK.
  • 850,000 people are living now with the condition. It will be one million by 2025 and 2+million by 2050.
  • Caring for people with dementia costs the NHS more than caring for people with cancer, stroke and heart disease combined.

An expert Commission on Dementia and Music recommended in January 2018 that government, the NHS, care providers industry and charities should work together to make music available to everyone. The recommendations led to the Music For Dementia 2020 Campaign, backed by the Utley Foundation, including the recommendation:

"Given the relative affordability of digital interventions, we want all people with dementia to be able to access interventions such as (but not limited to) Playlist for Life by 2020"

You can help make this happen.

Sign up as a Playlist for Life supporter

Write to your elected representatives (visit They Work For You and you can do it this minute by email). Tell them about the power of music and your experience with playlists.

Ask your local councillor to get all the local libraries signed up as Playlist for Life Help Points and get Music Detective training for all digital volunteers.

Ask your MP, MSP or AM to get the Health Minister to investigate letting GPs prescribe starter-playlists free on the NHS.  Playlist for Life has calculated that this could be delivered for everyone with dementia in the UK for less than £10million.

Volunteer - if you have some free time, we would always love to welcome you as a volunteer or to set up a Help Point. 

Everyone with dementia needs a playlist, and everyone who loves and cares for them needs to know how to use it.

Together we can change lives.