Edinburgh University and Playlist for Life

Playlist For Life is delighted to announce that we are teaming up with The Centre for Dementia Prevention at the University of Edinburgh, to investigate the impact personally meaningful music can have for people living with dementia.

Our new research partnership will further understanding of how music influences the brain at a biological level and help explain scientifically why it may improve life for people experiencing the disease.

The Centre for Dementia Prevention combines research in science, medicine and social sciences to lead global efforts in preventing dementia. Researchers seek to give people the power to understand and protect their brain health, for a future without dementia.

In addition to leading clinical studies, the team aims to prevent the social impact of dementia by reducing stigma and finding ways to maintain relationships and independence for as long as possible.

Playlist for Life is thrilled to be working with the Centre of Dementia Prevention on issues that are so crucial to those living with or affected by dementia. We look forward to strengthening this partnership over the coming years.