Playlist for Life's chief executive, Sarah Metcalfe, took her place on the BBC Breakfast sofa on Thursday 18th Jan to talk about the power of playlists.

She was responding to the publication of the report of the Commission on Music and Dementia launched in the House of Lords. The Commission, co-ordinated by the International Longevity Centre and funded by the Utley Foundation, investigated the existing landscape and future potential of using therapeutic music with people with dementia. Sarah represented Playlist for Life on the Commission. 

The Commission's report concludes that 'music can provide a true lifeline for those both with and without dementia by promoting social connection, restoring a sense of self and bringing joy even in the most challenging of times.' 

It makes several recommendations for central and local government, the NHS, health and social care providers, and the music and dementia sector. Notable amongst these is that 'we want all people with dementia to be able to access interventions such as (but not limited to) Playlist for Life by 2020.'

You can watch the full interview here