Thank you for becoming one of Universal’s Music Detectives!

You are going to use your love of music, your passion and knowledge to change the life of someone with dementia.

How does it work?

If a loved one or carer can find music that means something to a person with dementia, then they can use it to manage dementia symptoms, improve mood, strengthen relationships and reduce the need for drugs.

But only if they can find the right music.

Playlist for Life needs you to create specialist playlists of about 12 – 20 songs that families can use to narrow down that search.

We’re looking for lists that are specific to places, to times, to movements, to cultures - or to whatever specific list you want to share with us.

It could be, for example, ’Songs of Newcastle’, ’Bangladeshi songs of the 80s’, ’Songs of the women’s movement’, ‘50s childrens TV themes’, ’Sufi devotional music’. Or whatever your area of interest or expertise.

What you need to do

Click the orange button below to go to the Playlist creation form.

We need three pieces of information for each tune in the playlist:

  1. The Song Title
  2. The Artist
  3. The url for that tune in the 7digital Music store. This will mean families and carers can play a snippet of the tune to see if their loved one responds. You can get the url by going to and:
  • Searching for the song
  • Clicking on the album or single for whichever version you want to choose.
  • Copying and pasting the url in the navigation bar at the top of the page into our form.

You might include songs because you know they are significant to people with certain hobbies or experiences. If so, then please let us know about that link – it could be a great clue for someone tracking down personal music. For example, Ghost Town by The Specials was released at the time of the England Riots in 1981 and became a touchstone for many people involved in the anti-racist / anti-fascist movement of the time. It would definitely be worth a try if you were caring for someone who was politically active at that time.

And that’s it! We will make your playlist available to people with dementia through our app, which you can download free from the App Store from October 2017.

Thank you for becoming part of the Playlist for Life family.