Playlist for Life’s vision is that every person with dementia has access to a unique playlist of their life, to help unlock who they are. One of the ways of doing this is through the provision of our training which has been especially developed for those working with individuals with dementia. We realise that one of the obstacles in obtaining training is lack of funds. We hope this guide provides you with some help and information to enable you to get your project started.


Share the cost

Why not join us with other care homes in your group or form a partnership with a similar organisation within your area? We are happy to deliver one training session to multiple organisations on the same day. For example, if you know of another care home within your area that may be interested in setting up a Playlist Project but can't raise the funds, you can split the cost. Not only does this make it more accessible and cost effective, it can also minimise the disruption to the service you provide by releasing lots of staff at the one time.

Each care home is expected to send a minimum of four members of staff (or 50% of the total staff, whichever is smaller). Ideally staff attending should be from a mixture of role types including care staff, management and someone responsible for drawing up care plans.

We have found this to be the minimum number needed to give your project enough momentum to get personal music embedded into care. We will vary these ratios only very rarely and in highly exceptional circumstances. If you wish to discuss this, please get in touch.


Playlist for Communities Model

Playlist for Communities encourages local groups to raise half of the cost for training and then work with us to choose four local care homes, who can each send three or four staff members for just £100 per care home.

We encourage communities to hold events to raise money - a tea dance can be a great opportunity to get everyone together and have fun, whilst enjoying some great music! Tea dances hark back to an era which many older people with dementia remember music from, making this the perfect way to evoke memories of bygone days.


Leagues of Friends

The National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends was formed in 1949. Leagues of Friends deliver projects that explore new ways for volunteering to have a healthy impact in our communities. They also partner with their members or offer support to expand the projects run by them. Some of the organisations we have worked with have had their support. Find out more


NHS Endowment Fund

Many of the NHS Boards across the county benefit from donations received through this source of funding. Donations received are held in Trust within the Endowment Fund and are often used to fund a range of items such as additional amenities for patients and staff, equipment and research. Donors can specify exactly how they wish the donation to be used.


Rotary Clubs

Playlist for Life has received a great deal of support from the Rotary clubs across Scotland. Many Rotary clubs are keen to raise funds that can be invested back into their local community. Any funds received can be restricted and used to deliver training locally.