Young Music Detectives

Nice to see you here!

Are you ready to track down the soundtrack to a loved one’s life?

Download a copy of my helpful booklet to discover seven lessons to becoming a Music Detective like me.

Working through this booklet with an older person you know can be a lovely way to connect and share memories with them. 

The booklet works very well when used with BBC Music Memories– but you can use it on its own too. 

If someone in your life has dementia, then this can be a fun way to spend time with them and find out things about their past that you might not know.

Once you’re finished, ask your grown-up to send me the playlist you have made ( and I’ll send you a special certificate to confirm your status as a brilliant Music Detective!

Download your workbook now!

(Psst! If you’d like to print out your workbook as an A5 booklet then click here instead and then print the booklet on both sides of A4 paper.)