A Musical Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It’s a day dedicated to all the hard work and wonderful things our mothers do for us, but it can be tough on those of us whose mothers are living with dementia. She may not recall the same memories you cherish, she might not remember who you are, or she may ask after her own mum…

If you’re spending time with your mother this Sunday, why not prepare a list of songs that you can sing or listen to together? Think back to your childhood, what songs did your mother enjoy listening to? What nursery rhymes would she sing to you? Are there songs your family would sing in the car, or a tune that reminds her of her own childhood? 

Don’t worry if a song doesn’t prompt a specific memory. If your mother is enjoying a particular tune, be in the moment with her. And why not try singing along, dancing together, or holding her hand?