Get started

Music is everywhere and a part of our daily lives. Your personalised playlist is as unique as you are, so your playlist should include music that is personal and evokes fond memories or positive emotional reactions. It should include the tunes that give you that ‘flashback feeling’ whenever you hear them; that take you back, to another time, person or place. Together, this music creates the soundtrack of your life.

Getting started is as easy as listening to music or singing. Are there any songs that spark memories? Write them down. You’re already on your way to making a personalised playlist!

To create a personalised playlist, we need to find the tunes that are special to us and get them all in one place. Your personalised playlist can be short or long. It can be written on a piece of paper. It can be recorded onto a mix tape or made on a computer with a programme like Spotify or iTunes.

Our website is full of free resources to help you at each stage of your playlist journey: from finding tunes to using music effectively and incorporating a playlist into a daily routine.