Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Dedicate a song to a carer in your life

Thursday evenings at 8PM have become an important moment in our lockdown week. With the rest of the country, we’ve been cheering out of our windows, clapping from our doorsteps and letting the kids go wild with pots and pans to show our appreciation for the hard work and bravery shown by all those with caring duties during this unsettling period. 

At Playlist for Life we have been thinking particularly about the thousands of healthcare and social care professionals we’ve have the privilege and joy to work with over the years; their names and faces, their jokes and laughter, their kindness and creativity. 

We’ve been thinking about the carer who spent hours tracking down the right tune to reach a gentleman with dementia, and through their research found an old photograph that revealed the gentleman spent his youth as part of a band. Then there’s the musical nurse whose quick thinking and creativity would break-up disagreements between residents with a rendition of ‘Loch Lomond’ on the piano. The residents would soon forget their troubles and sing along to the music. We’re thinking of the carer at home who makes music a part of everyday life for her husband with dementia. The personalised playlist she helped him create sparked memories that had him holding fort at a family party telling tales of his youth. We’re also reminded of the hospice worker who helped a man make a playlist of special tunes for his wife when nearing the end of her life. On hearing the music, she opened her eyes and they sang Magic Moments together for a final time. 

Being a carer has always been an incredibly important role. We’re encouraged to see these skilled, big-hearted, dedicated workers being publicly recognised at last. They are true heroes of our communities. They are in our thoughts at 8PM on a Thursday, and in every other moment of our days and weeks. 

At Playlist for Life we believe that music is a great way to connect people during this difficult time. To say thank you to all our brilliant carers, we want to build a playlist of uplifting tunes dedicated to them, and we want you to get involved. 

Is there a song you’d like to dedicate to a carer in your life? Let us know! You can give a shout out to a specific carer, a group of people or an organisation that you’d like to recognise with a music dedication. Or you could suggest a song for all carers that might just brighten someone’s day. 

We’ll start! Playlist for Life would like to dedicate ‘Thank you for the Music’ by ABBA to all carers who are working incredibly hard throughout this time. We appreciate all that you are doing, and hope ABBA puts a smile on your face! 

To get involved send in your dedication today (Thursday 16th April) and we’ll include them in our special Songs for Carers playlist. 

You can get involved on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email us your dedication at