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Shop now open! Buy a gift with meaning this festive season. Visit now.

Elzbieta Nagaj’s Playlist

Dni, których nie znamy – Marek Grechuta
I remember my parents listening to this song when I was a child. It also reminds me of the radio in the kitchen always playing their favourite radio station. Recently, during the pandemic, the song became quite popular again because of its hopeful lyrics.

To nie ja – Edyta Górniak
The first ever Polish Eurovision entry. I have a memory of staying up late with my sister and cousins on a warm spring night to watch the contest and everyone being very excited. We then listened to the song over and over. The first ever tape cassette I owned was Edyta Gorniak’s debut that my then 5-year-old sister got me as a present with the help of grandma.

Losing My Religion – R.E.M
I remember listening to R.E.M a lot when I started high school and moved out of my family home. It was a stressful and exciting time that started new friendships.

Mantissa – Marina Satti
This song brings a lot of positive memories. I got to know it through a friend and it reminds me of us dancing to it together many times. It also makes me think of good times when being a part of The Forest in Edinburgh – friendships we made during that time and the excitement we shared.

Head Rolls Off – Frightened Rabbit
Frightened Rabbit is my favourite band, and I’ve found a strong connection with this song. I’ve been really impressed by the honesty and generosity of Scott Hutchison’s lyrics and how important it is to so many people.