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Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Emma Aspinall’s Playlist

Who Will Buy – Oliver The Musical
As a child I was obsessed with musicals! My mum often tells me how I used to love watching Oliver, and I would even put on costumes and sing and dance along around the living room to this song. I went on to study Musical Theatre at University so this song sparked my love of music from a very young age. I now teach singing and musical theatre and I sometimes feel that I owe my singing career to this song!

A Tisket a Tasket – Ella Fitzgerald
I have vivid memories of my mum playing this song whilst she did the ironing! We would take regular breaks from doing the house chores to dance to it. It is such a joyful, happy song and every time I hear it I can almost smell the pile of freshly cleaned, ironed clothes!

Songbird – Eva Cassidy
This was one of the first songs that my husband and I played together as a duo. We met at school and he used to accompany me on guitar for various events, weddings and gigs (he still does)! This song definitely sparked a romance between us as we were very close friends for a long time before we eventually got together. I love Fleetwood Mac’s original, but I always prefer singing it in the style of Eva Cassidy because I think she has the most incredible voice, and she has always been one of my singing idols.

Nella Fantasia – Ennio Morricone
This song was one of the first classical pieces that I learnt in my vocal training because Gabriel’s Oboe (from The Mission) was a firm favourite in our house growing up. I remember listening to it as a child and being blown away by the orchestration. It is such a moving and powerful piece of music and I never get tired of singing it.

Skies the limit – Fleetwood Mac
This song is just the happiest song ever and you can’t not get up and dance! It makes me think of road trips and holidays! We also had it on our first dances wedding playlist, so every time I play it I think of some of my most happiest memories and it never fails to put a huge smile on my face.