Jacqui Baines’ Playlist

Kid – The Pretenders
Back to student days in York and dancing around the living room  with my two flatmates, who are still my very special friends.


Stephen Oliver’s overture – RSC’s day long production of Nicholas Nickleby
An amazing piece of live theatre that my husband and I still reminisce about, and this music just brings all the characters back.


What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
When my two sons were toddlers this was a track they used to like to sing along to – I’m sure I’ve got a short recording somewhere which I’ll dig out and embarrass them with one day!


Add Some Music to your Day – the Beach Boys
I’ve been to lots of Beach Boys and Brian Wilson gigs with my husband over many years and there are so many tracks I could have chosen, but this one always cheers me up and has me singing along.

A Little Respect – Erasure
Happy memories of a end of the night dance around with my husband and two sons at my eldest son’s wedding in  2018.