Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

5 ways to use a personalised playlist

Tackle loneliness and build meaningful connections through personal music this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek.

For people who live with dementia or those who care for them, loneliness can be a familiar feeling.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, break the stigma of loneliness by talking about it and forging connections with others to promote good mental health. Find out more about this year’s campaign from the Mental Health Foundation.

Music can be a lifeline for someone living with dementia, and a simple way to make a huge difference to a loved one’s wellbeing. We’re sharing 5 ways to use a personalised playlist for mental wellbeing below…

Make a connection

Sharing in someone’s playlist can help us reconnect with them; it’s an opportunity to learn more about their life, rediscover some of their adventures, and simply share in the moment of listening to a song that is meaningful to that person.

Get help starting a playlist at our free webinar for those who have lived experience of dementia. 

Take time out

Living with dementia can be difficult. When you face challenges, don’t be afraid to use the playlist as a chance to take a breather. Make sure you are settled comfortably, put the music on, and have a cup of tea while you both take some time out.

Visit our Spotify page to find music from your memory bump.

Therapeutic scheduling

Research shows that listening to a personalised playlist half an hour before something difficult – like bath time, getting dressed, or in the evening – can make things easier for someone living with dementia.

Watch how personal music helped Harry and Margaret (opposite) connect through music.

In healthcare settings

A playlist can be used before a trip to the dentist or doctor to help calm an anxious mind.

Our work is based on over two decades of scientific research showing that playing familiar music to people with dementia can help to reduce distress, improve wellbeing, and lower the need for medication.

Playlists are used in healthcare settings across the UK. 

On the go

The soundtrack of your life is entirely unique  a range of songs that tap into different life stages and can evoke wonderful memories. Building a playlist puts this meaningful music at the touch of a button, whenever it is needed.

Once created, a personalised playlist can be made available day or night for your loved one. Don’t forget to keep your listening device charged up!

Get started on a personalised playlist today.