Peter Fairbrother’s Playlist

Why – Annie Lennox
The album ‘Diva’ is the soundtrack to my university days. For me Why is a coming of age song, accompanying my first steps into adulthood and personal empowerment.

Hear them calling – Greta Salóme
I’m a huge Eurovision fan, attending the live shows most years. I could have easily populated my playlist many times over with Eurovision songs. Instead, I’ve chosen this personal favourite from the Contest held in Stockholm, 2016. It evokes many happy memories.   

Open with love – Amy Firth, OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation
I’m an Interfaith Minister and this song is from my ordination. Co-created by those of us on the training, the bulk of the creative credit goes to Rev. Amy Firth who birthed and nurtured the music.

Running up that hill – Kate Bush 
What can I say about this song? It has been the soundtrack to so many important life events for me. I was blessed to see Kate during her residency at Hammersmith Apollo in 2014, and this song was part of the setlist. I cried throughout.    

Doctor Who theme – Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire
This was the first piece of music I remember hearing as a child. Such an unearthly, evocative soundtrack. It hooked me into the programme, and I’ve remained a fan ever since.