Steff Griffith’s Playlist

Dancing Queen – ABBA
6th or 7th Birthday Party. Playing in the garden with my friends in our long ‘posh’ party dresses – and getting told off for getting them dirty!!

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis
On holiday in Las Vegas, we decided (on a whim!) to get married – at 10:30pm! We headed Downtown to the Court House to get our licence and then to the ‘Drive-Thru’ Wedding Chapel. My husband was pleased – the whole thing only cost $50.

Tizwas Theme
Do I have to say anything to anyone brought up in the 1970’s. This was just the best way to signify the start of the weekend. No school for two days. Still know all the words now.

Design For Life – Manic Street Preachers
This song reminds me of all the Manic’s concerts I have attended over the years. This is always their final song of every concert. Great memories.

Pompeii – Bastille
On a road trip through the Canyonlands of USA – this song was played over and over again by the radio stations. My husband and I knew all the words by the end of the trip. Reminds me of the beautiful scenery, warm days and the joy of travel.