Sue Brinsden’s Playlist

Aladdin Sane – David Bowie
In my bedroom, listening to John Peel’s late-night radio show, finger at the ready on the record button of my radio cassette player waiting for the whole album to be played in full without interruption.

Get it On – T Rex
The first gig I ever went to, my cool mum in tow. It also became a tradition to play it for musical statues at my children’s’ birthday parties when they were little

I’ll Tell Me Ma – Irish folk song
Reminds me of living in Australia where my daughter used to sing this song a lot at school and learnt to play it on the tin whistle.

Inanay – Tiddas
A traditional indigenous Australian song recorded by one of my favourite Australian bands from the 90s. We used to sing along as a family and we are still known to grab clapsticks and sing it, to the bemusement of anyone else in the room at the time.

Sally MacLennane – The Pogues
Never fails to get me dancing – linking arms with anyone in reach.