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Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Sue Rowe’s Playlist

Good morning – Gene Kelly
This was a song my mum woke me up to every morning when I didn’t really want to get up. Although I would ask her to stop, I secretly looked forward to her rushing in and opening the curtains singing away.

Bring me sunshine – Morecambe & Wise
My dad loved watching these two comedians on TV and although this was played at my dad’s funeral it’s a happy memory of the family, all leaving the church doing the familiar dance of kicking the legs back and arm behind your head.

I’m in the mood for dancing- The Nolans
This reminds me of my first trip away from home to an outward-bound centre at Hexham, aged 10. I was home sick, and we’d got into bother for constant trips to the bathroom – I was feeling sorry for myself so to cheer myself up I spent my pocket money on this record. It was played repeatedly as we only had the one and we all danced our socks off – including the teachers.

Let it Linger – Cranberries
I went to visit my sister at her university with some friends. Mum had sent a chocolate cake which she is famous for as they taste amazing. After the long drive we all sat down to coffee and cake and this tune was playing. I’d never heard it before, but we soon picked up the words and started to sing along. Every time I hear this song it takes me back to seeing her for the first time in months and the smile of her face when I arrived with cake.

A thousand years – Christina Perri
This song will always remind me of my wedding day, as I had planned to walk down the aisle to ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar but Covid restrictions meant a registry office with 10 guests and my sister had created the CD with music. I walked in to A Thousand Years instead and although surprised, I loved it. My sister had also made us a picture using local pebbles and had the words from this song; ‘All along I had known my heart would find you’ with our names and the date. It brings me tears of joy when I see the picture or hear the tune.