Tori Jones’ Playlist

Moonshadow – Cat Stevens
Childhood memory of riffling through my mom’s cassette tapes to find some music that I liked. First song I learned to sing and it had really nice values.

Guaranteed – Eddie Vedder
When I moved to Bristol I moved in with 4 guys I had never met, they shared their favourite movies with me and I loved ‘Into the Wild’. We would drink cider and watch it, this song is off the soundtrack.

Life Is a Flower – Ace of Base
Painting my friends kitchen bright green whist drinking beer and singing until the wee small hours.

A Different Beat – Boyzone
First experience of going to a concert when I was in my tweens. Me and 2 other high school friends all had a great time and are still besties until this day!

The soundtrack to Jurassic Park – John Williams
Dinosaurs are cool. I used to watch this movie A LOT when I was 7. Was always a bit worried I might have Velociraptors in my kitchen.