Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Improving staff wellbeing in Scotland’s social care sector

Wellbeing is at the heart of our mission at Playlist for Life. A carefully curated personalised playlist can help a person with dementia to live well and can also improve the wellbeing of those who care for them: from family members to adult social work and social care professionals. 

On 1st February 2022, The Scottish Government, in partnership with Inspiring Scotland, announced the Workforce Wellbeing Fund for Adult Social Work and Social Care. The £1 million fund is open to support staff working in Adult Social Work and Social Care across the public, private and voluntary sectors, supporting projects that staff themselves have said will help to improve their wellbeing. Staff must be SSSC registered or employed by a Care Inspectorate Registered services to be able to apply. 

Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care Kevin Stewart said:

“This fund is about giving staff anything which makes them feel better and supports their resilience. Applications can be as creative as possible, as long as they focus on our most valuable asset, our people. Grants could be given for activities or to purchase equipment that will improve the wellbeing of the workforce. Ask your staff what they most want or need, and please take advantage of this fund to help them get it.”

Organisations can apply for grants of up to either a maximum of £5,000 for immediate impact projects, or a maximum of £10,000 for activities which will have a more sustainable impact on staff wellbeing.

Head of Funds at Inspiring Scotland Kaylie Allen said:

“We are delighted to be working with the Scottish Government on this programme. The importance of the people providing frontline care and the challenges they have faced delivering the most essential services over the last 18 months cannot be overstated.”

Playlist for Professionals – using music to improve staff and resident wellbeing

At Playlist for Life, we focus on the people beyond the dementia diagnosis, who are at the heart of everything our charity does.

We also work closely with health and social care professionals and understand the challenges they encounter in their roles. And we know that music can help with these challenges: from social work staff supporting residents and patients experiencing distress, to care home managers striving to deliver the best possible care for residents, alongside a positive and fulfilling working environment for staff. In cases where playlists have been embedded into residents’ and patients’ care plans, we’ve seen reduction in medication, increased job satisfaction, strengthened relationships and happier working environments.

Through our range of professional courses, we enable adult social work and social care staff to bring the power of personally meaningful music to the people they care for. Our highly acclaimed and expert-led training uses resources and real-life case studies to equip you with the tools and knowledge required to help someone build a personalised playlist unique to their life. 

“The most impactful training I have ever attended.”

This person centred, non-pharmacological intervention benefits both residents and staff. Implementing playlists into your care setting can improve staff wellbeing by forging meaningful connections between resident and carer, using Music Detective skills to track down personal music that echoes a lifetime of memories at the click of a button.  

Benefits of integrating playlists in care can include: 

  • improved wellbeing (for people living with dementia and caregiver)
  • reduced need for drugs 
  • stimulated memory 
  • coordinated motor movements 
  • enable a connection between the person with dementia and the caregiver 

WATCH: The below video outlines how Playlist for Life training has benefitted patients and staff in NHS Fife.

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Key information on Playlist for Life training

  • We offer training to all sizes of organisation: try our Playlist for Professionals course for individuals or our Certified Course for care homes
  • Access our eLearning platform for staff to complete training in their own time
  • Become a certified Playlist for Life trainer with Train the Trainer, suitable for larger organisations. We’ll work with you to understand what your organisation as we train and accredit a member of your staff as a Playlist for Life certified trainer. 

Further information and the link to apply for the Workforce Wellbeing Fund for Adult Social Work and Social Care can be found on Inspiring Scotland’s website.

If you are considering applying to this fund and would like any more information about
Playlist for Life training, then please get in touch:
0141 404 0683