Angiolina Foster

Angiolina's playlist

Leonard Cohen  Hallelujah, played by Sheku Kanneh-Mason
This one brings together two of my lifelong loves – Leonard Cohen and the Cello

Arvo Pärt – Spiegel im Spiegel for piano and violin
This brought calm to my mother in her later, often agitated, stage of Alzheimer’s. I would climb onto the bed with her and simply hold her. As we listened to it together, it soothed her soul.

Elbow – One Day Like This
This was a bit of an anthem for us when I climbed Kilimanjaro with my son and daughter in 2019. We sang this as we climbed – when we had the breath to spare!

Frank Sinatra – Strangers in the Night
This makes me think of my parents, gliding across the dance floor together, long before Alzheimer’s came to them both.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Thunder Road
Reminds me of (many) live Springsteen concerts over the years. Never in a seat, always dancing in a sweaty mass in front of the stage.