Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Buying and downloading songs online

The internet is a fantastic way to find and buy music. Almost every song ever recorded can be found online quickly and easily. There are two main ways to find and listen to music online – streaming and downloading. For some people and organisations, downloading will be the best option. 

If you want to use downloading, Playlist for Life recommends using either the Amazon Download Store or the 7digital Download Store. Further down this page you will find short videos showing you every step of using each of these stores to get music. But first you will have to decide which store is best for you. There are benefits and downsides to each of them:


  • Many people already use Amazon so will be familiar with how it works.
  • Amazon allows you to buy Gift Vouchers to add credit to an account. This is useful if you don’t have a corporate credit card you can use.
  • Amazon sells thousands of different products so its store is more complicated
  • Amazon will try to persaude you to sign up to its music streaming service by sending you emails and showing you adverts when you sign in. This could be confusing.


  • The 7digital music store is dedicated to music so it is simpler to use than Amazon as it won’t try to sell you clothes, books, or other products!
  • 7digital does not have a gift voucher system so you will have to use a credit or debit card to buy music.

Using downloading in a care setting

If you want to use downloading in a care home or hospital setting there are a few things you will need to consider. Please see our guide to Using Downloading for Care Providers and our Downloading Checklist to get started. 

Using Amazon

1. Amazon: Sign up

Duration: 3 minutes 8 seconds

2. Amazon: Search for songs

Duration: 4 mins 15 secs

3. Amazon: Buy songs with a bank card

Duration: 3 mins 55 secs

4. Amazon: Buy a gift voucher

Duration: 5 mins 21 secs

5. Amazon: Redeem a gift voucher

Duration: 2 mins 39 secs

6. Amazon: Buy songs with a gift voucher

Duration: 4 mins 11 secs

7. Amazon: Download songs

Duration: 3 mins 44 secs

Using 7digital

1. 7digital: Sign up

Duration: 2 mins 34 secs

2. 7digital: Search for songs

Duration: 5 mins 05 secs

3. 7digital: Buy songs

Duration: 3 mins 43 secs

4. 7digital: Download songs

Duration: 3 mins 32 secs