Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Meaningful music at Hindu Mandir Glasgow

At Playlist for Life, we believe that everyone has a soundtrack to their life. Music from our heritage, culture and religion can all contribute to a personalised playlist. We work with Help Points (anywhere that supports people living with dementia) in a wide range of locations throughout the UK: from small organisations to libraries, befriending … Read more

Music and my mum – Kelly’s story

Music has always put a light on Kelly’s mum, and now five years after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, it’s still helping her shine  Kelly’s mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s aged 64. While Kelly, who lives in Worcestershire, cared for her mum at home, a fall that caused a broken wrist and heightened symptoms eventually meant … Read more

Share your dementia story

Everyone’s dementia story is different, but everyone’s story can help shape the future of living with dementia. Where we share stories and why We’ve been harnessing the power of personally meaningful music for anyone affected by dementia for 10 years and have seen first-hand the positive impact it has had for many. We’ve told some … Read more

A playlist for Dad – Sam’s story

Music had always been important to Sam’s dad Paul, who was diagnosed with dementia at age 62. As Sam researched more about dementia, he discovered that music played an important role in bringing other people living with the condition back to themselves. So, with the help of close family, Sam decided to make a playlist … Read more

Dipak Dristi – personalised playlists in the community

Community group Dipak Dristi are creating personalised playlists in Tameside. “I have witnessed they are very quiet, doing nothing, withdrawn. Then you put the music on and you can see their eyes; pupils getting bigger, eyebrows raised. And they will sing the whole song all the way through and are laughing, cheek to cheek.” Jayshree, … Read more

‘It takes me straight back’ – Iain Fraser’s story

Iain, who has dementia, shares how personally meaningful music changed his life. “I’ve got a pair of headphones, so I can just sit there, put them on and I’m happy (…) it just takes me straight back to when I was a young man.” Iain Fraser Iain also tells us the remarkable story how … Read more

‘Music rewired me’ – Willy Gilder’s story

Willy tells us how personally meaningful music helped him reconnect with a hobby he thought he lost following his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease. “Thank you John, Paul, George, Ringo and Mick and Keith because you helped me get drawing back.” Willy Gilder Take the first step today! Our free resources can help you with every stage … Read more

How personalised playlists have helped me

We work closely with people who live with dementia, their families and carers to provide the tools and support that can evoke memories through the power of personal music. Here, in their own words, they share how a personalised playlist has helped them connect with their past. We run a free 1-hour webinar for family … Read more

Music as medicine – Jim’s story

“There’s an immediate calming when there’s music” Wendy During a period in Jim’s dementia journey, in which his behaviour changed, music became an important tool for his family to help calm and settle Jim. Hear his daughter Wendy speak about the power of personally meaningful music in his life. We run a free 1-hour webinar … Read more

A playlist for my mum – Rana’s story

“That relationship, through the music, is a long lasting, eternal bond we’ll have.” Rana Following her dementia diagnosis, Rana’s mum Kusum, struggled going to sleep. To help, Rana crafted a playlist of personalised music that made her feel calm and safe, aiding her sleep. Hear Rana speak about the power of their playlist below. We run … Read more