Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Exploring dementia awareness through virtual reality

Our Communities Team's journey into living with dementia

Recently, Playlist for Life staff had the opportunity to delve into the world of dementia awareness through a session organised by Age Scotland at St. Andrew’s Church in Carluke. This session offered a unique experience through a virtual reality tour, providing a glimpse into the challenges faced by those living with sensory impairments due to dementia.

The virtual reality tour, expertly led by volunteer Malcolm and Hub Development Manager, Lesley took Playlist for Life staff through a virtual kitchen and care home setting.

Walking in the shoes of a person living with dementia

One of the most impactful aspects of the session was witnessing firsthand the sensory challenges faced by those with dementia. Lesley guided our team through the different rooms of a care home, highlighting design elements that could potentially exacerbate these challenges. From the colour of the carpet and railings to the lighting and even the hues of crockery and cutlery, every detail played a significant role in influencing the well-being of individuals with sensory impairments. This exercise underscored the importance of thoughtful design and accessibility in creating environments conducive to the needs of people living with dementia.

Mehar Shagufta, Policy and Public Affairs Officer at Playlist for Life, said:

“The session was incredibly informative. It emphasised the significance of understanding the nuanced challenges faced by individuals with dementia, particularly regarding sensory impairments like vision problems, tinnitus, light sensitivity etc.”

Engaging the local community

Currently, Carol, a volunteer at St. Andrew’s Church and Playlist for Life Ambassador, is leading on a project to advise young school students on how to engage in meaningful conversations with individuals to curate personalised playlists. The project at St. Andrew’s aims to ensure that all members receive a tailored playlist of songs that is meaningful to them.

The Dementia Hub at St Andrew’s Church, Carluke was the first ever Playlist for Life Help Point and has been providing a wide range of fantastic support and services for people living with dementia and families. If you would like to enquire about visiting the church for a session VR experience session contact