Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.


Libraries are a great resource for people living with dementia. Over 1000 libraries around the UK are helping to share the power of personally meaningful music for dementia.

Over two decades of scientific research has shown that listening to a personalised playlist can improve the lives of those living with dementia. In fact, listening to music that is personally meaningful has many psychological benefits, meaning anyone can benefit from a playlist. Personalised playlists can:

  • reduce anxiety
  • improve your mood
  • make difficult tasks more manageable
  • evoke memories that can help families and carers connect.

Playlist for Life harnesses the powerful effects of personal music to help anyone who is affected by dementia, their families and carers. Whether it’s the music from a first dance, lullabies from childhood or a theme tune from a favourite TV show, music has the ability to take us back in time and remind us of our past, giving you that flashback feeling. Sharing your songs and memories can help people living with dementia connect with family, friends and carers.

"As todays libraries are an inclusive part of local communities, we try to reflect and support anything which may be of benefit to our customers. Playlist for Life leaflets are displayed within each of our community libraries, along with a free directory [100 Years: A Century of Song book]. Some of our most vulnerable customers and carers, those we deliver direct to with our free Home Library Service, have benefited from these resources."

How can libraries promote Playlist for Life?

Libraries are at the heart of communities, so are well placed to publicise information for people living with dementia, and the people who love and care for them. 

  • Display our resources in your library
  • Include our resources in your home library service
  • Send resources to local care homes
  • Share resources on your social media
  • Include Playlist for Life in reminiscence sessions
  • Include your Digital Volunteers
  • Partner with groups who use the library
  • Use as part of dementia friendly communities project

I have one library customer who took the leaflet home and used it to help her husband who has dementia, who found it useful. Even better, she came back for more leaflets for her husband's health visitor who thought it a great idea and requested them for use in her work.

How do I become a Help Point?

If you work in a library and would like to learn more about becoming a Playlist for Life help point, you can apply below to join our growing network! Every organisation that becomes a Help Point receives a welcome pack containing:

These resources are available in 12 languages, and you can request the languages relevant to you in the form below.

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