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Shop now open! Buy a gift with meaning this festive season. Visit now.

Michael Timmons’ Playlist

Ain’t Me Babe – Bob Dylan
This is an example of an inheritance track, inherited from my dad who was a big fan. It is also one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar and sang at family parties where everyone would pass the guitar around. When I hear it, it reminds me of my dad singing it. 

Super Trouper – Abba
We used to drive to Spain with a caravan for our family holidays. One of the only CDs in the car was Abba Gold. I know near enough every word to every song and when I hear it, it takes me straight back to being crammed in the car with my brothers and sisters in 30-degree heat.

Last January – The Twilight Sad
I have been a fan of this band for years and was lucky to get to support them, opening for them on a European Tour. This is something I will never forget. Despite how miserable the music can be, it makes me incredibly happy and reminds me of that experience. 

Words – Boyzone
I wish my first ever live concert was something a bit ‘cooler’, but in truth, I wouldn’t change it. I was very young but remember so much about that whole day being taken to the SECC by my sisters who had a spare ticket to see Boyzone. This was my first experience of live music. I’ve sadly not incorporated the dances moves into my own live performances… yet. 

Stay Monkey – The Julie Ruin
Another inherited song, this time from my partner. This is one of her favourites and brings back a lot of memories from first meeting.