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Host a Musical Tea

Put the kettle on, line up your favourite music and give someone you love a call. October is Musical Tea month and Playlist for Life is inviting you to join us for a cuppa, cake and some great music for a worthy cause.

Musical Teas are a fun way to raise awareness of the power of personal music for people living with dementia. Over two decades of scientific research has shown that listening to a playlist of personal music can improve the lives of people living with the condition. In fact, listening to music that is personally meaningful has many psychological benefits, meaning we can all benefit from personal playlist.  

At Playlist for Life we want everyone living with dementia to have their own playlist of songs that is meaningful to them and for those who love and care for them to know how to use the playlist effectively. Fundraising is vital for us to achieve this mission. Any donations you collect whilst enjoying your Musical Tea will go directly to our goal of sharing the power of personal music with those who could benefit most.  

“We usually host a ‘Musical Tea’ where people can come with their family members to chat, laugh, dance, listen to music. Since March we have run Playlist Parties online with a different theme each week and we’ll be running Musical Teas throughout October with quizzes, a singalong of favourite songs and musical-themed cakes!”

Rev Helen Jamieson – Playlist for Life Help Point Leader, St Andrew's Church, Carluke

So, what is a Musical Tea? We’re glad you asked! Connecting through music is at the heart of the event and there’s loads of ways to get involved.

You might be able to have a socially distanced catch-up with a friend in person or on the phone. You could organise a virtual Musical Tea over video call with a community group or colleagues, or have a coffee morning with the members of your household. You might be a tea person, or maybe you prefer coffee. However you want to celebrate your Musical Tea, we have guidance and materials to help you make the most of your event in a safe and enjoyable way. Enjoy music and a cuppa whilst raising awareness of the power of personal music for those living with dementia. 

Ready to get started? Register for your Musical Tea pack now.