Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Celebrate our birthday with a Musical Tea

Fundraise to help bring music to more families facing dementia

Happy birthday to us! We’re turning 10 this year and we’re celebrating with the return of Musical Teas.  

From now until National Playlist Day on 20th September, we’re cordially inviting you to join our summer of Musical Teas and raise funds to help us continue to improves the lives of people living with dementia and their families.

Our tune-themed get togethers are a fun and relaxed way to spread the word about meaningful music and how it can help people living with dementia. A Musical Tea is also easy to plan, and we have lots of free resources to help you get started. Read more below or register for your free resource pack now

Last year Fiona hosted a Musical Tea at her local village hall, raising over £750 for Playlist for Life:

“It was a joy to do it. It was great to bring together so many people to celebrate the power of personal music. Some of the attendees commented on how the intergenerational connections were so lovely, seeing families coming together to share in musical memories. It’s totally sparked ideas of what we can do next. I’m looking forward to adding Musical Teas to our calendar of events in 2023.”

3 Steps to a Musical Tea

Number 1


Choose a date and time and start inviting people you’d like to attend. You can invite as many people as you’d like. Maybe you’ll have a large gathering of family, friends and colleagues or perhaps you’ll have a close-knit catch up with a few friends or relatives. Once you’ve decided, you can use our ready-made invite templates to send your invitations.

Music and activities 

Have a think about how to best listen to music and what other activities you might like to host. You can use one of our Spotify playlists or create your own. You can also play music from a CD, tape or vinyl if you have a stereo or hi-fi. Activities could include a game of guess the track or missing lyric.

Number 3

Fundraise for families affected by dementia

Fundraising is vital for Playlist for Life. Any money you can raise will go directly towards our work and supporting people affected by dementia. You could run a bake sale to raise money. You could also run a jukebox and play someone’s choice of three songs for £5.

“Last year Carlisle Sight Support held our first Musical Tea. It proved to be a brilliant way of getting people who can increasingly become isolated, to join with others in a fun, social and communal activity. Musical favourites, personalised playlists, coffee, cake and tea, smiles and singalongs, what’s not to love?”

Why fundraise for Playlist for Life?

Donations ensure we can continue to provide free resources to people living with dementia. 

Research shows that listening to personally meaningful music can improve symptoms of dementia, support memory and communication and help people reconnect to loved ones and to their own pasts. 

All funds raised go directly to putting this research into practice and enables personally meaningful playlists to be created and benefited from by thousands every year. 

£500 sets up and keeps a local Help Point running for a year

£50 provides a free resource pack for 50 families

£30 trains one person in ‘Music Detective’ skills  


Unable to host an event but want to support our work? Please consider donating. 

All our resources are freely available at no cost to families who could benefit from them.

Watch our video below to hear directly from people living with dementia who have benefitted from personally meaningful music.