Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

My Sport Soundtrack – Sanjeev Kohli

Music that reminds us of our passions and hobbies can be a great addition to a personalised playlist.

This summer we launched Sport Soundtrack, our campaign highlighting the power of music for sports fans who are living with dementia. We want everyone to know that you don’t need to be a music buff to benefit from a personalised playlist. From crowd songs that soundtrack the stadium to the theme tunes of our weekly sport TV programmes, there are memories to rediscover and cherish.

Ask your loved one about their favourite sport — the last match they watched, mesmerising finals, rousing fan chants… Help unlock their sport memories with a playlist that’s unique to their past.

Sanjeev Kohli is a Scottish actor, comedian, writer and
long-time supporter of
 Playlist for LifeWe asked him to think back to some meaningful sporting memories of his own, and the music that accompanies them.

Whenever I hear Soul Limbo by Booker T and the MGs I'm always transported to long hot summers as a child watching the cricket on the TV.

Sanjeev's Playlist

Soul Limbo – Booker T and the MGs

Whenever I hear this I’m always transported to long hot summers as a child watching the cricket on the TV. I would make Irn Bru ice cubes (seriously) and watch cricket all day long, happy as a clam. My wife still doesn’t believe a cricket game can last five days and sometimes not have a winner, but I’ve got lots of happy memories of watching the likes of Viv Richards, Michael Holding, Phil Thompson, Richard Hadlee and Bob Willis. Then it was out playing football till it got dark. Because no-one else in our street played cricket.

Wimbledon Theme 

When I hear the Wimbledon theme music it never fails to makes me smile. And that’s because Wimbledon always coincided with the beginning of the Scottish school holidays. And also, I love Wimbledon. I even wrote and performed a song about a romance between a ball boy and a young female star at Wimbledon called The Ballad of SW19. I absolutely adored Bjorn Borg, who won five consecutive Wimbledon singles titles beween 1975 and 1980.

Young Turks – Rod Stewart

I used to play tennis with my cousins at the local sports centre in Bishopbriggs. In the summer of 1981, like every summer, everyone went tennis-daft during Wimbledon, and the only time we could get a court was during the Borg McEnroe final. We figured Borg would win anyway because he was pure invincible and we could catch the highlights later. The people playing on the court next to us had brought a ghetto blaster and for some reason decided to played Young Turks by Rod Stewart about 17 times. We got home in time to see John McEnroe inflict Borg’s first Wimbledon defeat in 6 years. I was heartbroken. Every time I hear Young Turks even now, another little part of my heart breaks.

Ally’s Tartan Army – Andy Cameron

Scotland, famously, qualified for every World Cup from 1974 to 1990 without ever getting past the qualifying stages. But we ALWAYS had the best tunes. Play me Ally’s Tartan Army by Andy Cameron and I’m a wee eight year old boy again with a plastic Lion Rampant flag watching Archie Gemmell scoring THAT goal. And play me We Have a Dream, and I’m twelve and Dave Narey is scoring that screamer against Brazil. And, much like Dave Narey, I didn’t know how to celebrate either. Thankfully Brazil scored four to save me any embarrassment.

How you can get involved

A personalised playlist of meaningful music, like our favourite sports songs, can bring back memories for  people living with dementia, and have multiple benefits including reduced anxiety, improved mood and opportunities to connect with friends, loved ones and carers.

Finding the right music can be as simple as singing a song or starting a conversation about their favourite club.

Do you know a sports fan living with dementia? Our resources can help. Get started on a personalised playlist today.