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Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Pam Ribbeck’s Playlist

You Are My Sunshine – various artists
No recorded versions of this song come to mind, just my Mum singing it to us when we were kids (and occasionally as adults too). I have a lovely memory of Mum singing this with my youngest brother when he was a toddler. Mum was singing and leaving the last word of each line for him, which he sang so sweetly in his wee voice. 

Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I love this band and was very lucky to work with them for 10 years in my old job as a Press Officer. I saw them live loads of times and it was always special when they played this and singer Karen O dedicated it to friends and family and the audience. It’s a beautiful, timeless song with a big heart and every time I hear it, it reminds me of a special and exciting time in my life.

Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
I remember hearing the first play of this song on Radio 1’s Evening Session and loving it. I was in my friend Charlie’s little red car and we were driving round Clapham Common. We went to college in Edinburgh together and used to drive from there to London and back in that wee car listening to music. This song reminds me of Charlie and college and our early days in London.

Paradise City – Guns ‘n’ Roses
When I was 15 my parents reluctantly let me and a friend go to London to see Guns ‘n’ Roses at Wembley Stadium. It blew my mind. Though my passion for their music has waned over the years, any time I hear a song from Appetite for Destruction, especially this one, it takes me back to my rebellious teens and that amazing day at Wembley.

Eastenders theme tune
Not a favourite tune by any means, but it reminds me of primary school when we played this for our group ensemble piece at the annual music festival. I played the bass line on the piano and really enjoyed playing together with my classmates. I remember one of the boys doing a big cymbal crash at the end. I’m not sure he was meant to but it was very dramatic!