Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Shop now open! Share your love of music and support Playlist for Life. Visit now.

Personalised playlists provide patient-centred care at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Occupational Therapist Nadine Graba uses our resources with patients living with dementia as a way of opening up conversations and learning more about their life and interests.

“I love music and appreciate the emotive aspects of it, but it’s extra special when you see how someone’s face lights up when a memory is sparked, or they tell a detailed anecdote when previously they were more passive in a group setting and may have struggled in conversation.”

Following a pilot project which introduced Playlist for Life to her work, Nadine has incorporated our resources into a two year pilot OT service within an existing Day therapy and outpatient palliative service at Hayward House, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

“I work as part of a wider MDT (multidisciplinary team) with a variety of patients with advanced conditions, Parkinson’s dementia being one of those. Although it’s very much a work in progress, the aim of my service is to support continued participation in activities which are important for the person and facilitate optimum function and quality of life (RCOT, 2011).*

I would absolutely recommend Playlist for Life resources to other Occupational Therapists. The Conversation Starter prompts are easy to use and the Soundtrack of your life booklet allows more detailed discussions for health professionals to use as part of their assessments and intervention, or to signpost families and carers to complete with their loved one at home.”

*Reference: Royal College of Occupational therapist, (2011) The route to success in end of life care – achieving quality for occupational therapy.

Nadine’s Top Tip:

Using the Conversation Starters alongside the BBC music memories links can be helpful when more detective work is needed to remember title tracks, search through more unfamiliar genres and eras, or when a person has limited verbal communication.

Use our resources in dementia care

Helen Skinner, Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Nurse Consultant NHS Fife, has been using Playlist for Life in a professional care context since 2015 and has twelve wards fully trained in the use of personalised playlists across NHS Fife. Helen shares her success using personally meaningful music here.

If you’re interested in embedding playlists in a care setting, our training website offers a wide range of courses for individuals and organisations, sharing the knowledge and skills you need to use music in your own work.

Introduction for care professionals webinar

Join us for a free 20-minute introductory webinar for care professionals which explains the benefits of using personalised playlists to support those living with dementia by building and integrating playlists into your care plan.