What is a playlist?

Playlist /ˈpleɪ.lɪst/ n. [C]​

A playlist is just a list of songs or pieces of music. It’s a word that started out in radio stations – the ‘playlist’ was all the tracks that were to be played that day on the show. 

Your ‘playlist for life’ is all the songs or pieces of music that make up the soundtrack of your life. The tunes that give you that ‘flashback-feeling’ whenever you hear them; that take you back, to another time, person or place.

Your playlist for life will be as unique as you are.

It can be short or long. It can be written on a piece of paper. It can be recorded onto a mix-tape, or made on a computer with a programme like Spotify or iTunes. 

You can keep a playlist on an mp3 player (a digital music-playing device with headphones) so it is ready to play at any time. Or you can listen to your playlist on your CD collection. Or simply singing from your playlist can be a lovely experience.

We all have a playlist. We just need to find the tunes that are special to us and get them all in one place.