Healthcare professional? Take a look at our dedicated training site!
Healthcare professional? Take a look at our dedicated training site!

Music Labs by Playlist for Life

Join our Music Labs to influence our work and help others access the power of playlists

The Music Labs project, funded by RS Macdonald, is our way of involving people living with dementia and those who care for them in shaping the future of our services and resources. 

We bring people together to tell us more about the issues and barriers they face when using personal music. We then work together on developing ways to solve these issues.

Music Labs take place in the community: in people’s own homes, over the phone and via the internet. Opportunities can include:

  • User Testing of equipment
  • Taking part in surveys and discussions groups
  • Developing peer to peer resources

           Music Labs are about listening to you, the real experts, and giving you a chance to share your experience to help others living with dementia discover the power of music!

How to get involved

Music labs are open to anyone living with, caring for or working with people with dementia.  No previous experience with Playlist for Life is required and we want to welcome participants who do not use the internet. You can choose which opportunities you want to get involved with. 

If you want to get involved fill in our short sign up form below and we will be in touch.

For more information or to refer someone without access to the internet, please get in touch and Rebecca will get back to you. 

Our reports from previous projects

Thank you to the Life Changes Trust for supporting the creation of the Music Lab programme.