Playlist for Life aims to create high-quality, easy to use resources that help people make the best possible use of personal music. Whenever possible we make them freely available here to download and print out locally. You can also buy some ready-printed items in our shop.

If there is something you wish you had - or if you invent something you think others would find useful - please let us know. We reflect on all your feedback, so that we can share best practice and come up with new tools and solutions to any problems you might encounter.

Making a Playlist

Get started wallchart
A3 poster

Personalised music journal
computer screen version

Personalised music journal
print version (A5 booklet)

Download individual chapters from our 100 Years Book

Planning your Playlist project

Action plan
A4, 4 pages

You are free to copy, redistribute and share these resources in their original form. The resources are not to be used for commercial purposes.

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